About Cara Mooney

I am an artist, website designer and developer, graphic designer, and photographer from New York State. I have worked with clients nationally and internationally, but largely continue to serve the local community of the Capital District and the greater region of Upstate New York.

I focus not only in what makes a practical website, but also on what makes a visually-appealing design that represents your company and or business. My skills are in web and graphic design, as well as in other art forms such as photography, traditional arts, and front-end web development. This diversity of experience and skills help in creating websites that are attractive and functional.

I have had been working with computers and websites since 2004 and in 2010 put my skills to use launched my freelance website design business. With over half a decade of design experience, much of which is self taught, I am enthusiastic about any project that you have for me. I am capable of designing and developing websites on any scale, however, I usually prefer to work with small businesses or individuals. You may see my full list of services here.

I graduated from Marist College with a dual bachelors degree in psychology concentrating in biopsychology and education and Spanish focusing mostly on Iberian studies. While my B.A.s are not in computer science or the fine arts, I have pursued my hobbies and interests for many years and continue to teach myself the needed techniques to produce high quality designs with an eye for detail and usability.

When I am not on my computer, I can usually found traveling around the world. I am a travel enthusiast, and current am living and working abroad in South Korea on a Fulbright scholarship, continuing my freelance website design work. I also enjoy writing and drawing. I am classically trained on violin with a fondness for all kinds of music. I love being outdoors and doing a wide range of activities including skiing, hiking, scuba diving, and many other sports.