I met Cara several months ago at a social gathering at my sister's home. When I heard Cara mention that she did websites, my ears perked up. It was one of the luckiest day of my life. I had an outdated website that hadn't been updated in years and certainly wasn't the way I wanted my business portrayed. Cara was able to ask me for the information that was truly needed to have this website depict our business. Cara was able to get it up and running and even gave me a tutorial on how to edit it. I thought that was an impossible feat because those who know me, truly understand that I am computer "illiterate" Wow, I was wrong. She was able to explain things, so that even I could understand how things worked. I am so appreciative of all the her time and effort because now my website is one that I am very proud to have people see. Thanks Cara!!

- Eileen M. Devaney, MS, CCC-SLP, S.E.E.D.S. of the Willistons, Inc.
Cara has done an amazing job. We needed a website built from scratch, and she not only produced a beautiful website, but also provided maintenance and full support, as well as personal tutorials on how we should operate the website and other important information regarding search engine optimization and how we should market ourselves through our website. We never had a website before, and it has been working great for us. Cara was very patient with our questions and concerns, and are so pleased of her work.

- Lisa R. Bevilacqua, D.O., CLS, Capital Care: Family MedEsthetics
I was the one to initiate the website design project with Cara. Our business was something that she had never done before: medicine mixed with a spa - Medesthetics. I talked a lot with Cara about how I wanted the business represented. I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I knew what "vibe" I was going for and despite my vague starting ideas, Cara drafted a beautiful, yet professional, design with earthy tones that I just loved. She is extremely talented as an artist and designer.

- Crystal A. Cobert, CLS, HHC, LE, Capital Care: Family MedEsthetics
I enjoyed working with Cara. I was responsible for maintaining the website and posting updates and news; something I had never done before! I was very anxious about using the WordPress software she had installed on the website, but she is a great teacher. Cara was great at explaining many foreign concepts to me about how I could do the work on the website. It took a lot of practice and patience from Cara's side, and I am grateful for her help and support.

- Kris Morgan Capital Care: Family MedEsthetics
Cara is a fabulous artist and she was very patient as we worked through the design and specs of my website. I am very happy with the results her professionalism.

- Collin Maccan, MacCana (musical group)
Cara is young, but she is professional beyond her years, and explains everything in a way that even I can understand - and I have never before had a website or had to operate one.

- Terry Mooney, PhD, Life Coaching