Starting your project...

Great! Glad you could make it. Thank you for your interest!
So now the next step is getting to know more about your project and what you may have in mind. I can provide a zero-cost-no-obligation project estimate when you fill out one of my Questionnaires! Once we are past this step, a contract will be drawn up if you wish to continue.

Detailed PDF Questionnaire

There are two different versions of the questionnaires. The first one is set up so that you can fill it out in your PDF reader. Usually Adobe Reader is compatible and works. And then then you save, upload it to your email, and send it (if you do not have Adobe, you should download it - it's free!). The printout version requires that you to print out the form and fill it out in hand and mail it to me (or scan it in...well it's more of a hassle that way, but possible). Both options ask a number of detailed questions so I can better understand what you want and I am able to provide a more realistic project estimate.

- Is your project a Website and you want to email your PDF to me? Website Questionnaire
- Is your project a Website and you want to mail your printed PDF to me? Website Questionnaire (printout)
- Is your project a NOT a Website and you want to email your PDF to me? Non-Website Project Questionnaire
- Is your project a NOT a Website and you want to mail your printed PDF to me? questionnaire form is the easiest way to send me a quote, but the more details you provide, the better I can serve you. Follow the detailed prompts on the side and try to answer as many questions as possible.

Fill out my online form.
Fill out my online form.
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The Overall Website Design Process

This is a basic outlay of what to expect in the process from start to finish. I usually follow a set routine to make sure things are not missed and everything will be ready when your website goes live. You can see a more detailed PDF version here.

Stage 1: Interview and Proposal
Either through a telephone call or a face-to-face, I will discuss the questionnaire with you and discuss what your goals, needs, and, ideas are for your website. We can discuss strategies about what you are looking for and what questions you may have. After this, I will work to draw up a written proposal and project estimate.

Stage 2: Planning
This is important to lay the basics of what the design will incorporate. We will go over the website navigation and what pages will be included. This is where I can also get a better understanding of your business and your business plan; what do you want to get out of your website and how. We can discuss branding options and the creation of content.

Stage 3: Conception & Design
Through perhaps more discussion, I will develop a design template and layout and send it to you for your review and approval. If any photos are to be included, I will send you some stock images for your selection. If you have any photos that you wish to try to be included, I will take these now as well. Any adjustments are also done at this time, based off your review.

Stage 4: Content Collection
After final approval of the design, we will go over the content that you wish to have on your website. I will inform you on what you need to have written for me by the time the website is uploaded to my server. This will also help me with page development.

Stage 5: Site Development
After the design is signed off on, I will begin to code your pages. I will set up the online applications, such as the forms and image scripts. Minor changes may occur during this phase in the design. I will upload the files to my server.

Stage 6: Testing and Aproval
Once all the files are uploaded, you will be able to view the website before it goes live. I will make any necessary changes for your final approval.

Stage 7: Site Launch
At this point your domain should be linked with your hosting (I can do this for you too). I will upload the files to your server now and remove the "coming soon" index page on your site. Your site is now live and viewable for the world.

Stage 8: Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
I will go through with you the "finishing touches" such as the search engine optimization, link building, and marketing. If you wish, I will at this point in time, go over with you social networking and media website and reputation management.

Stage 9: Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
This is really, the final stage, where I show you all your necessary login information. I will also conduct any required training for website.